Student Packages

Holidays are happy times, if you are a student. It offers you the opportunity to relax and recoup the energy you have spent doing rigorous academic endeavours. Let us help you revitalize and reinvigorate yourself through our many pocket-friendly student holiday packages, and you will be chilling in a destination of your choice in no time!

Honeymoon Packages

You have said ‘I do’, and walked down the aisle. Congratulations! Now it’s time to leave all else behind and focus on each other as you celebrate your love and newly wed status, and we have just the perfect places for you!

Corporate Holiday Package

Do you know a change of scenery works wonders for productivity? It is time to take the game of your company to the next level! Take advantage of our company holiday packages for your business meetings, company staff retreat, special trainings and conferences or company vacation, and watch the numbers grow in your business!

Vacation Packages