. We are peopled by passionate and dedicated minds with long span industry experience, a team whose sole aim is to give you an extraordinary travel experience which not only suits the size of your pocket but puts your needs above everything else, from flights and bookings to hotel reservations, visa assistance and vacation packages, SilverCloud is your best point of call.

We have established links and partnerships with reputable organisations in major cities of the world, ensuring that wherever you go and for whatever reason, be it business, study or pleasure, the sun is always shining for you and the day is ever bright with a silver cloud.

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Before You Fly

Book your Bags in Advance

It is important for you to note that your bags should be booked ahead of your flight date. This way, you are in control of your schedule and you have no reason to stress out on the day of your flight. Silvercloud can help you with this aspect of your trip so that you enjoy your time.

Special Meal Request

If you are flying first class or business class and you or anyone flying with you are on a special diet, it is essential that you make such preferences known ahead of time. This will ensure that there are no embarrassing situations in-flight, and your special diet needs are adequately factored into the flight schedule ahead of time.

Check your Flight Status

At least 3 days before your flight, it is important you check your flight status to avoid any last minute shocks. Most airline carriers will inform you ahead if there will be a change to your flight schedule, which may happen for a range of reasons (weather, crew issues, maintenance etc.). However, the rule of thumb is to follow up from your primary means of contact (phone, e-mail) and if in doubt, contact your travel agent.

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