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Welcome to the balcony of Europe, Sakartvelo, as Georgians call their country.

Located in Eurasia, Georgia is a treasure you would love visiting.

Although the country is formally known as Georgia, she is often times called Sakartvelo by locals. The exonym, Georgia, is said to have probably gotten its origin from the Persian name of the Georgians, which was then adopted by the Western European crusaders and then erroneously connected the name to the St. George, who is the patron saint of the country (you’ll find the flag sporting his red cross on the country’s flag as well as his golden statue at the central square in Tbilisi).

There is beauty in Georgia. From the spoken language which is unlike any other language in the region, the twirls and swirls of the written form of the language to the topography; everything about this beautiful country is just fitting, unique and superb!

Georgians are a really warm hearted and friendly group of people. They are quick to help when they see you in need and would ply you with food and drink as a visitor. It is described in a few words of this Georgian saying; ‘A guest is a gift from God’. Don’t be surprised when a Georgian brings out a bottle of homemade wine or Georgian schnapps called Chacha to give a toast in your honour. Georgians are also known to be quite religious as over 80% of them belong to the Orthodox Church. But this does not mean Georgians don’t know how to have fun or have an amazing nightlife.

This country is home to the highest mountain range in Europe, the Caucasus Mountains. The mountains mark the border between Georgia and Russia. The part of these mountains that fall in Georgia, Shkara, is the second highest peak in Europe, second to the part that falls in Russia. According to Greek Mythology, these mountains are one of the pillars of the world and are where the god Zeus tied up Prometheus, to have his liver eaten by eagles. The mountains are great for mountain climbers and skiers for a once in a lifetime experience. And while on the northern slope of the mountains, make a stop at the Tusheti National Park.

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Visa Requirements
Visa required. See here for list of countries exempted (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Georgia)
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Georgian Lari
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