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China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization with her breathtaking antiquity blended into the face of the modern and technological developments. Despite her development, you would still find traces of the country’s over 4000 years of recorded history and rich heritage in the astonishing scenery around.

From the azure lakes of Tibet, the rice farms of the south, the cool desserts of Inner Mongolia, the peaks of Karst Mountains and the Li River around Yángshuò, the Middle Kingdom’s landscapes are beyond glorious.

The diversity in China is another fascinating part of the republic. From the dialects to the climate to the wildly varying topography in China, there is so much to take in. If anything, China with her high mountains as well as her shoreline lowlands is one highly diverse place. And with the diversity in the topography comes a variance in the climate as well. China has the greatest contrast in temperature between its northern and southern borders than any other country in the world; with the climate ranging from really dry, arid conditions to tropical monsoon climates. As a result of this, China has one of the widest variance of ecological niches, flora and fauna in the world. You can even find most of the plants you would normally find in the northern Hemisphere and some of the world’s most interesting animals here.

Experience the diverse mix of the ethnicities in the southwest. Take a hike on what is left of the Great Wall. Lose yourself in the green forests of bamboo. Visit the apex of mountains with temples. Enjoy the beautiful view from the top of Shanghai’s towers. Experience the outstanding archeological and architectural beauties that the kingdom has to offer. Join others on a journey along the dusty Silky Road all the way down to the Everest Base Camp

And when you are truly filled with the sights here, relax on a distant beach and breathe in the ocean air along with your amazing discoveries and the amazing foods China has to offer.

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