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Silvercloud Travel / Holidays  / TOP TIPS FOR TRAVELLING WITH KIDS
23 Mar


Traveling on your own can be quite a daunting experience. Traveling with kids? Even worse, sometimes. You’re dragging your luggage on one hand and the other is carrying your youngest child while you’re dividing your time between screaming out for your child to come back and asking your teenager to help a little. It gets crazy a lot of times. There are times when people straight out crash after their holidays because of the pressures that come with traveling with their children. We have some handy tips for traveling with your children you can use for a relatively hassle free holiday.


Plan ahead: This goes without a saying. Make sure to plan your trip ahead. Check your passports and that of your kids to be sure they are still valid. It doesn’t hurt to still have about months before its expiry date. Book your tickets and hotels (We have amazing deals and packages at Silver Cloud travels to take the stress of you). Do your research on what is acceptable and what isn’t in the country you’re going to. Find out about the weather there to know what to pack. Just be sure to have the basics and pack only what you need.

Take your time: Take your time; with everything. Whether you’re shopping at your destination or you’re at the airport or sightseeing, take your time. Kids love to explore and see new things. Don’t just hurry them on from place to place.

Plan a activities for them: What better way to keep them in line than to keep them busy? Have fun activities lined up for your children every step of the way. It could be a small game of remembering bus stops as you commute, colouring books, puzzles; anything to while away time. The activities should also involve other members of the family and not just the children. Have family games handy. You can even ask them to keep a travel journal and draw or write about things they experience during the journey or hand them their own camera to take pictures. But be sure not to have too many activities planned for them.

Avoid the sugar: I’m talking sweets, ice cream, chocolates etc. Some children have the tendency to get really hyper when they take a lot of sugar, making them even harder to control. Instead of sweets, pack fruits, vegetables, nuts and savoury snacks for them.

Brand them: Kids tend to wander. Whether its at the airport or when you’re sightseeing, there is a very high tendency you kid would find something that catches his or her fancy and follow that thing when you’re busy with something else. Be sure to write your kid’s name, your name and your phone number and attach it to a part that can be very visible on your child. You can have it on their arm or attached to their cloths.

Loosen up: Don’t be so uptight about things. You would end up not enjoying your vacation. Breathe and live a little. It is a vacation after all. It is easy to forget you’re supposed t be pampering yourself to in all of this. Be flexible and loosen up. Even with the rules you set. Setting rules are a great way to keep your kids in check but don’t be too strict on them. You’d be surprised at how well they’d behave.


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