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Russia 2018
19 Mar


Russia 2018So the world cup is fast approaching and while you might have already made and finalized all your plans, there is one thing that would be at the back of your mind always- your safety. Your mind would go to this at different point during your stay not necessarily because Russia is not safe to visit (it is actually quite the safe place to visit), but because you’re there with thousands of other football enthusiasts, both good and bad, to enjoy this amazing tournament. Here are some tips to help you avoid being scammed at any point in time.


The Helpful Watcher trick: You’re at the airport (or on the streets) and someone walks up to you, maybe even sits beside you. Next thing, he asks you to help watch over his bag, he’d be right back. You, as the good Samaritan that you are decide it’s not that much of a trouble and watch over the bag. Before you know it, he’s back in your face asking for money to hassle with the police over the luggage. Your good deed bites you in the behind. Never agree to watch a bag that belongs to a stranger.

Money Drop: If you’re at the Red Square in Moscow, there’s a very high chance you’d find someone running fast past you and the person somehow conveniently drops his cash. And somehow, there is another ‘tourist’ who so happens to beside you when this happens. He picks it up and asks that you share it equally. Let’s say you do take the share. Guess who’s going to be tapping your shoulder accompanied by his friends asking for his money back in full? Yep, the running man. So do yourself a favour and never take cash from the tourist. Even if it’s because you want to have something to give the running man in case he comes back to ‘look for his money’.

Free Wi-fi: Everybody loves free Wi-fi; especially when you have apps to update or ‘lit’ pictures from the world cup and events in Russia to post on Instagram and Snapchat. Whether you’re in St. Petersburg or Moscow for the finals, there would always be great photos to upload. Then BOOM! Free Wi-fi. Maybe you shouldn’t quickly join that network because it is unprotected. Scammers can set up these free networks using even the name of the hotel you are staying and access all your personal data. Always be sure to ask who is in charge which network is the right ne to connect to.

The Good Samaritan: So you’re sitting on a bench and then someone comes to sit beside you. Some minutes later, he gets up to leave. Lo and behold, he has forgotten his backpack. The good natured person you are, you run after the person in an attempt to call his attention to the bag. The only problem is you left yours unattended to as well; free meat for the scam group. If you absolutely have to, be sure to always carry your bag when you witness something like this.

Shell Game : You’ve probably witnessed something similar to this on the streets of Lagos. A group of people set up shells of either bottles or cups by the side walk and places a small pea or marble under one of the shells. They then shuffle the shells around and ask you to bet on which shell has the pea or marble. The beautiful thing is that there is probably a crowd around them at this point. The first guy places a bet and wins. So does the second. So you think, ‘maybe I should try it too. It isn’t so hard to find the marble’. The only problem is the first two guys are his partners pretending to be tourists. So you win the first time and decide to stake higher. You win the second time as well. You bet even higher because you’re hooked. And that is when you finally lose. Be wary of these side walk games.

Playing Street Soccer With Locals: There is nothing as natural as playing football on the streets just before or after you watched an amazing match. You’re at the World Cup, after all. As you take that leisurely walk, some young ones walk up to you and ask you to play football with them. You think it’s a great idea so you leave your bag and valuables on one side and join them in playing. That’s where it all goes wrong. Everyone would claim they were too engrossed in the game to see anyone pick your things.

There you have it. Now that you know some of these tricks, you know what to do. Enjoy your stay in Russia!

Aminat Badara
Content Creator

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