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Deira creek
7 Mar


Deira creek
Trek EarthSo you have finally decided to finally go on that trip. Destination: Deira, Dubai . You’ve even decided on the Luxury Holiday package. There’s just one problem; what would you spend all that time doing?! Worry not. This post’s got you covered with a list of things to do in Deira, Dubai other than just a visit to the Deira City Centre.

Deira is a paradise on its own, with it being the traditional commercial center of Dubai and being surrounded by the waterfront, beautiful historically significant locations and an unbelievable array of Gold and Spices souks. There is a long list of things to do in Deira and here area only some of them;

Enjoy the water

Diera can be quite a busy area, what with it being the traditional commercial center of Dubai. But you can get away from all the buzz with a relaxing visit to the Al Mamzar Beach Park. Whether you’re going for a stroll down the length of this 160 hectare beauty or you want a dip in the water, the Al Mamzar beach park is just the place to be. The park is quite secluded so you’re definitely sure to get away from the buzz for a relaxing day out.

Go on an abra ride on the Creek

These traditional boats (abras) have been used to ferry people across the Dubai Creek for centuries and usually ply the Al Sabkha on the Deira side. With a 1 dirham fare, you get a ride across the creek. You can either go quite early in the morning to catch the beautiful morning light or set out in the evening to catch the breathtaking sunset over the creek.

Gold Shopping

Deria holds one of the most amazing gold markets in the world. Visit the historic Gold Souk in Al Ras to buy quality gold with the best of detailed craftsmanship. You’ll find everything from full body armor to necklaces, all the way down to bracelets.  You can even have them customized for you for a fee. The gold is sold per weight with no sales tax or price tags (go to these markets armed with a knowledge of gold prices and your haggling skills)

Visit the Spice Souk

If you’re a lover of spices, then the spice market in Deira is just for you. You’ll find an array of spices and medicinal herbs all around you from the Deira Old Souq Abra station to Al Ras. It is just a stone throw from the Gold Souk.

Go Sightseeing

There is more than enough to see in Deira. Visit the Women’s Museum Bait al Banat, a cultural center established to honor the lives of significant women and the roles they played, in the Gulf Region. The Heritage house, constructed in 1890, offers a glimpse into the elegant home of a wealthy pearl merchant. The Al Ahmadiya School, the first public primary school in Dubai, is yet another beautiful building to visit with its incredibly detailed carvings and entrances. The Deira Clocktower, Dubai Municipality Museum and the Naif Police Museum are also places you can visit.

Visit the Dubai Dolphinarium

Love dolphins? Or you just want to catch a glimpse of them? Then visit the Dubai Dolphinarium for a delightful show of acrobatics, singing, dancing, etc by the dolphins and seals. You can even get to participate in daily swimming sessions with the dolphins and interact with them.

Treat your taste buds

One of the best parts of any travel experience is the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the cultures and cuisines these places have to offer. There is always something for you whether you’re on a low budget or you feel like splurging a little.



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